What is the ShowMB Market (Contractors)?

The ShowMB Market is reserved for companies or professionals who wish to manage hiring worker (Freelancer, freelancer, etc.) of an anonymous, fast and easy. With all the guarantees of proper execution of work to be done. Registration and use of the platform carries no cost to the Contractor.

Once you are fully registered you can create and manage jobs including search and selection of candidate profiles to the activity to develop.

The access to ShowMB Market implies that the Contractor:

1. Exerts a recruitment activity in the country contained on his billing information.

2. Knows and applies the contract and billing laws relevant to his country and case.

ShowMB thus is exempt from any liability for the breach of the law in this regard.

¿Is ShowMB Market (Contractors) free?

Yes, the registration and use of the platform carries no cost for the contractor on the basic plan.

How long does it take to validate my profile?

Profile validation usually takes 24-48 hours on weekdays. During the weekend we do not valid any profile.

Will I be charged some kind of commission?

No, the Contractor will not be charged with a commission. A small fee is deducted on the payment to the worker on the basic plan.

What kind of jobs can I publish ShowMB?

You can create offers to boost or promote your products and services, or other tasks.

How do I publish an Offer?

From the main screen click on the button "New Job Offer" and complete the form. For more effectiveness of your offer, you must: 1. Conduct a description of the work to be done. 2. Specify job details (optional). 3. Specify the form and terms of payment. 4. Indicate the type of profile (candidate) that best suits the job at hand. 5. Specify the publishing options (who will be allowed to see your offer).

How long will the Offer last?

The default duration of the offer is 30 days, although in some cases It can extended in time. At any time you can remove it from the web platform. Once it has expired, you have 60 extra days to accept any of the proposals you have received.

How I can trust the Workers?

You can enter to the Worker profile by clicking on his photo. In his profile you will see his rating and comments left by other Contractors. We believe that the valuation of other Contractors is to a large extent determines the confidence in a Contracting.

Can I get in touch directly with the Worker?

ShowMB does not allow to exchange messages until a proposal has been sent to you. To avoid problems or any kind of fraud we strongly recommend the use of our platform chat . In this way, we can always conduct an investigation if something unexpected arises.

When should I pay the worker?

Never. To keep safe the transaction, the payment is made through our ShowMB platform. In this way, we make sure to bring your money to the worker once you've done the job properly.

When the Worker requests a "work review", the contractor has a maximum period of 2 weeks to resolve (favorably or not), in case of no response, the deposit will be released automatically.

Can I pay the worker in cash?

No, all payments are made through the platform to avoid problems and possible frauds.

What are the payment methods available?

For now you can pay using Paypal or credit /debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

What if the Worker does not comply with the agreement?

If something unexpected arises, an investigation will take place and we will return your money at no extra charge.

How I can contact the worker?

Once you have received an offer, you can contact only with the worker through the chat platform.

Where is my credit card data stored?

Your card is securely stored in the external payment provider. We do not store debit / credit card data on our servers.

I'm a worker, how I can get into ShowMB Market?

Very simple, sign-up to our platform. Once inside, you will get directions on how to get into the ShowMB Market.

In what countries does ShowMB operates?

At the moment we operate in 53 countries.

Can I hide my profile from the Directory?

Sure, use privacy options in your profile settings to do it.

How do I delete my account?

You can request it by contacting us to the following email: legal@showmb.com