ShowMB Market is reserved for companies or professionals who wish to hire a worker (Freelancer, professional, etc.) on an anonymous, fast, and easy way. With all the guarantees of proper execution of work to be done.

Registration and use of the platform carries no cost to the Contractor in the basic mode.

Once you are fully registered you can create and manage as many jobs you want including search and selection of candidate profiles to the activity to develop.

The access to ShowMB Market implies that the Contractor:

  1. Exerts a recruitment activity in the country contained on his billing information.

  2. Knows and applies the contract and billing laws relevant to his country and case.

ShowMB thus is exempt from any liability for the breach of the law in this regard.

ShowMB reserves the right to suspend the account of a user (Worker or Contractor) when having the slightest hint of contracting or making a payment of a published job by the Contractor outside our ShowMB (Market) platform.

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