What is ShowMB Market?

The ShowMB Market is reserved area for users of 18 year old and older that want to explore the possibility of being hired as freelancer by companies or other professionals for certain jobs, projects or collaborations.

By accessing the Market you will have the opportunity to discover jobs and collaborations offers related to your activity. Plus you'll be invited anonymously to a diverse and interesting projects by companies that have previously viewed your profile.

The access to ShowMB Market implies that the Worker:

1. Exerts a full-fledged labor activity in the country contained in your billing information.

2. Knows and applies the contract and billing laws relevant to his country and case.

ShowMB thus is exempt from any liability for the breach of the law in this regard.

Is ShowMB Market free?

Registration and use of the platform does not have a cost to the user unless an economic agreement between the Company and the Worker is reached. In this case we will deduct a small amount of the price agreed between both parties to cover the costs of operations and maintain the security of the transaction.

How long does it take to validate my profile?

Profile validation usually takes 24-48 hours on weekdays. During the weekend we do not valid any profile.

Will I be charged some kind of commission?

A small fee is deducted on the payment to the worker.

To what kind of jobs can I apply on ShowMB?

You can apply to different types of jobs such as content creation, producto promotion, etc.

How do I sign up for a job?

From the main screen click on the button "Jobs" and select the job that you are most interested in by clicking "Submit Proposal". Complete the form detailing your offer and specifying the price to the Contractor.

On how much time will I know if I have been selected?

Contractors have 60 days to manage the proposals received, so you will receive a favorable response or not before this deadline.

How I can trust the Contractor?

Prior to the publication of an offer, the Contractor has deposited to us the payment you will receive. Once the work done that amount will be released to you.

You can also enter a Contractor profile by clicking on his photo. In his profile you will see his rating and comments left by other Workers. We believe that the valuation of other Workers is to a large extent determines the confidence in a Contracting.

Can I get in touch directly with the Contractor?

ShowMB does not allow to exchange messages until your proposal has been accepted. To avoid problems or any kind of fraud we strongly recommend the use of our platform chat . In this way, we can always conduct an investigation if something unexpected arises.

How do I get pay from the Contractor?

Once you finish the job you'll need to request a review of the work by clicking on "Request a Review". As soon as we confirm from the Contractor that everything is correct we will proceed to transfer the funds to you. If you had no response from the contractor within 2 weeks, the deposit would be released.

What are the available means for receiving payments?

At the moment we require a Paypal account.

Can I ask the Contracting pay me in cash?

No, all payments are made through the platform to avoid problems and possible frauds.

What if the Contractor fails to comply with the agreement?

If something unexpected arises, an investigation will be done to clarify the situation.

How I can contact the Contractor?

Once you offer has been accepted, you can contact only with the Contractor through the chat platform.

I am a Contractor, How I can get into ShowMB?

Very simple, you can sign up using the link provided at the footer.

In what countries does ShowMB operates?

At the moment we operate in 53 countries.

Can I hide my profile from the Directory?

Sure, use privacy options in your profile settings to do it.

How do I delete my account?

You can request it by contacting us to the following email: legal@showmb.com