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 Monica Bofill - Conscious Lifestyle Content Creator
SMB: 2
6+ months
Monica Bofill (Flair Chick) Conscious Lifestyle Content...Conscious Lifestyle Content CreatorSharing a mix of personal style, sustainability, clean beauty, and ways to obtain a realistic healthy & eco-friendly lifestyle. Report
• Influencer Marketing Beauty
• Influencer Marketing Fashion
• Influencer Marketing Healthy lifestyle
• Influencer Marketing Lifestyle
• Influencer Marketing Makeup
  Jess Glynn - Travel and Lifestyle Blogger.
SMB: 3
6+ months
Jess Glynn (The Gap Yea rGuru) Travel and Lifestyle Blogge...Travel and Lifestyle Blogger.Travel and lifestyle blog, with videos and photographs. Claim your Profile
• Influencer Marketing Travel and trips
   The Engineering Nerd  - Science and Technology Blogger.
SMB: 4
6+ months
The Engineering Nerd   BlogScience and Technology Blog...Science and Technology Blogger.Qualified Mechanical engineer with a strong interest in modern technology and the changing world around us. Report
• Influencer Marketing Engineering
• Influencer Marketing Science
• Influencer Marketing Technology
    Edwina Elizabeth O'Connor - Multi-awarded lifestyle blogger.
SMB: 3
6+ months
Edwina Elizabeth O'Connor (The Life Of Stuff) Multi-awarded lifestyle blo...Multi-awarded lifestyle blogger.Blog Irish lifestyle articles featuring music and culture, food, travel, fashion and beauty, weddings and parenting. Claim your Profile
• Influencer Marketing Travel and trips
     Aimee Patchell - Crossfitter and Raw Food Dieter.
SMB: 3
6+ months
Aimee Patchell (Primal Piggy) Crossfitter and Raw Food Di...Crossfitter and Raw Food Dieter.Blog with recipes, inspirational messages, interviews and tips health and fitness. Claim your Profile
• Influencer Marketing Gastronomy (food and drink)
records per page.

Looking for Influencers for your campaigns?

Are you looking for influencers for your brand or company’s advertising campaigns? Now you can do it quickly and easily. Meet ShowMB, the marketplace aimed at looking for and hiring influencers with Artificial and Collective Intelligence technology. ShowMB - Influencer Marketing Optimization (IMO)

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Look for verified Influencers and invite them to participate.

Negotiate and select the most appropriate influencer.

Supervise the work until completion.

Make secure payments.

Get free advice from a specialist.

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